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Places to buy food photography props in Mumbai

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

(There could be changes in all these stores due to covid19 lockdown)

Before we begin you can click here for What to keep in mind before buying props

and watch this video to know where to buy props too!

A not-so-secret to making your food photographs looks fabulous is props.

We all need props for food styling. It is what makes the food stand out and also adds color and texture to the image.

But the myth that's going around is that props are very expensive (some of them most certainly are!). So the question always lies, from where do you purchase them?

At WhitePlateStories we believe in sharing. So here's the secret to our prop list.

These places are both affordable and expensive, and we’d recommend buying these props only if you have saved up for them or if you have an upcoming shoot that requires a similar look to the mood board.

Most places are available across India, however, some places listed below may only be restricted to Mumbai.

Props may be available across India however, we are still gathering data on the same.

Cheap and Affordable Places to Shop

Our in-house store, which was launched in 2020.. You can check the props out! It's absolutely affordable and quite pinteresty which helps in food styling and food photography The Instagram page for this is @foodpropsindia. Please use the filter option to browse through backdrop / wooden props and glassware.

A unique and affordable prop store for a cafe

Market 99, Kurla and now on amazon

This shop is located in Phoenix MarketCity Kurla and we've always thought of it as a hidden gem because very few people know about it.

You can pick up rolling pins, tin-based containers, single piece transparent cups, fancy ceramic coffee mugs, and steel items, fake flowers - yeah, all of this!

They're now available on Amazon too.

One Stop, All over Mumbai and now online

One-stop is great if you need to purchase plastic/melamine or a particular color set of crockery.

For example, a creamer or white bowls. Oh and, you will also get wooden bowls here.

Don't forget to check their monthly discount section - you never know what you might find.

Crawford Market, Fort

(Please be safe before you visit these spaces during lockdown as it can be very crowded)

This is one of my favorite spots in the city for a prop haul!

It is the most affordable place since everything here is available at bulk/wholesale rates. You can purchase glassware at a very very cheap cost and bowls will cost you not more than INR20. You'll find transparent cups on set but it’s worth a buy if you shoot a lot of beverages.

One of our favorite finds is a wooden block we bought from here for INR 200.

Alfa, Vile Parle

If you don't wish to travel all the way to South Bombay, Alfa is your go-to for cheaper props.

Here you'll find a basic creamer for INR180. Although Alfa may not have many props it makes up for it by having exclusive stuff at a good price. It has transparent kettles, doubled walled glasses and cups that are rare to find elsewhere.

Miniso, All over Mumbai and now on amazon too.

Great for white plates, cups and saucers, and mini dip bowls.

Affordable and durable and steel cutlery set. Miniso does not have much to offer but if you need white crockery, it can count as a shopping spot.

Chor Bazaar

(Again, pls be safe while you visit this area)

The biggest secret for extremely gorgeous food props is out! Chor bazaar is one of the best places to find vintage props and crockery. If your vibe is rustic spoons, plates, cups, or even old-school ceramic, you will love this place.

Pro-tip: Dip into your grandparent's treasure first. They usually save their best stuff and nothing could be more authentic!

Andheri Bazaar, Outside Andheri Railway Station

Another one of our hidden gems. We were surprised to find some great props here. We picked up a lot of cheaper alternatives for spatulas, wooden spoons, cups, and glasses.

This could be your suburban alternative to Crawford Market



Before we promise you that Amazon is a great place to purchase props, we must warn you that you must be alert to who the seller is.

So far we’ve purchased a Bamboo whisk and Sushi Mat. Both were from the seller called Urban Platter which also sells via Instagram.

Amazon is a great place to shop on for cheaper alternatives, however, it’s a risk you’d be taking.

We also got hands-on a beautiful cheese board which turned out bigger than expected when it arrived.


Again one of my favorite places to shop. Launched in Mumbai as a store as well as online. So if you cant visit the store do check their online store for plates and bowls or even artificial plants.

Very affordable and durable. We found our enamel collection on Ikea and was pretty surprised how affordable it is.

Artisanal and Expensive Places to shop

Here you may find rare and beautiful pieces of crockery and cutlery, rare and as per the trend.

It’s what it's worth. If you’ve got the budget and are fond of hoarding up beautiful bowls and plates these are the places to go.

Food hall

Food hall everywhere has a section to purchase wooden bowls, pots, and pans.

Knives and even coffee equipment. However, with the brand comes a price and the price there starts anywhere around INR800 to INR3000

HomeCentre / Homestop

The place you will find colorful/color schemed props.

we’ve seen home centre having this collection for the longest time around

Their silicon collection is in colors yellow, blue, and red. So far the only item we've picked from home centre is a white teacup and saucer

Fab India We walked into Fab India the other day for clothes and we were surprised to see these beautiful ceramic collections of theirs. Coasters, Creamer, Cake stands, etc.

Prop Shop 24 / SheIn (SheIn is currently banned however it was a great place for props.)

We found the insta-famous golden round spoons here. You can probably explore this site more for props you’d need and not find around. Personally we are not a fan of this space to purchase it.

A Lil bit of everything Pottery.

Recently discovered this ceramic artist. Karishma, as she said has all styles, be it basic or quirky.

We loved the ceramics she sells and they're affordable, customizable, great range of bowls, dip bowls, plates and creamers, and mugs too! You can check her work on Instagram and place an order, there's a clearance sale coming up.

You can also avail of a discount from Karishma by mentioning our reference to her.

Artesania Clay Studio -

Sejal is based in Andheri, Mumbai. She makes beautiful custom pieces and often conducts sales

You can check her page on Instagram and connect with her for beautiful ceramics pieces.

Mitty, Versova

A place that’s highly promoted by food bloggers for ceramics. Ran by a couple who’s into pottery and classes for pottery. Initially, we had purchased from here and we still might drop by. However only for a special purchase or a rare dip bowl or plate. It’s a place that falls under a balanced budget for props.

Some items found outside are expensive here but their rare ceramic collection is worth every penny.

_ To be updated further as we discover more ceramicists.

Let us know your thoughts below, and a checklist before purchasing props will be up soon.

We have personally never shopped props from the most popular and super expensive sites you must be aware of, so we won't vouch for it unless they decide to sponsor us :P. (no offense and ofc this note was added by our founder. #SashaRants)

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Suchitra Shenoy
Suchitra Shenoy
Nov 09, 2021

Hello..thanku for the information..which shop did you buy that wood log cutting board at Crawford

WhitePlate Stories
WhitePlate Stories
Nov 09, 2021
Replying to

You can put "Siri" on google maps and in that lane you will find these vendors on a cart sitting with the wooden logs


A very detailed guide and useful list. Thanks for sharing WPS :)


Quite useful! Best place to use my retail therapy

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