What's our Story?

Who are we?

Photographers, Cinematographers, & Storytellers expertizing in F&B and Hospitality industry.

Founded by Saipoornima Madiwal and branded by  Darshil Shah
White Plate Stories strives to bring in a unique blend of their specializations viz. Photography and Brand Communication.
We believe every single brand has a different story to tell. From the capturing, creating, lighting, styling to the post-processing, everything has a tone and voice that we try to bring out in the best way suitable for your brand.

How do we go about it?


We have an ACER formula that ensures

best outcome for every shoot.

We take the USPs of your brand and map out how best can we highlight them in the aesthetics of our photos and videos.

Bringing in props, lights, and stylists as conceptualized is all taken care of. Sit back and watch 

We conceptualize the look and feel of the outcomes by creating a mood board of pictures we wish to look similar to. This ensures that the end result is similar to the expectations.

The make over to every Raw photo is the retouching that can make or break it. With a graphic design team in-house you can rest assured to get the best results.

We love food.

& we know what makes us love it.