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3 tips for shooting in natural light at home

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Make your DIY Reflector

Reflectors can be expensive. Here’s a DIY hack to make a reflector at home and use it until you actually invest in one

1.Repurpose Parcel Boxes

Before you decide to throw away your recent amazon purchase box, cut it open and paint it white. This cardboard would be your white side of the reflector which is one the most important ones and helps add a good amount of reflection without your viewer noticing right away.

2. Aluminium Foil as Silver Reflector

Take a piece of foil and fold it to make it stiff. Grab 2 clamps/clips to allow the foil to stand. Foil acts like the silver side of the reflector and will have stronger reflections on the food/product compared to white.

3. Cutting Light with Cardboard

Similar to the white-painted cardboard, take another piece or paint the other side black. This will help cut the light and not allow room for reflections caused unintentionally, in fact it’ll help you add shadows and darkness to your images

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