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3 essentials for your photographs

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

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Today we are going to understand 3 things that are essential for your photography.

1. Light

Lighting plays a very important role in photography. The whole basis of photography starts with your light source. Having a quality light source can make a huge difference to your images. There are 2 kinds of light sources. One is The SUN. Sunlight can be the make or break of your photos and is out of our control; but if you manipulate it well, you can master it in your photos. With the help of reflectors and DIY modifiers you can shape your light source to gain or reduce shadows. Here’s a link to our other blog regarding modifiers. The Second source is Artificial Lighting. Artificial light’s main goal is to replicate natural lighting however the advantage is that the intensity and direction of light is under control. We can shoot for longer hours and get a similar output and most of the times same output as the sun. Artificial lights are usually expensive and wouldn’t be a good investment if you dont understand how to photograph in Natural lighting.

2. Props

Props can vary from being your crockery, cutlery or even flowers and plants. Props add life to an image. It can make or break your photograph. Choosing the right props is essential for styling your setup. Pick crockery which is a matte finish and neutral shades. Pick something small so the portion of the food does not look less when served in a big bowl. Plants and flowers mustn’t overpower the food. Opt for simple and minimal styling as it can do wonders!

3. Backgrounds

Backdrops can be your natural table, painted surfaces or even printed vinyl. The texture is an element for styling. The colour of the backdrop adds to the harmony of the entire photograph. Recent trends have also been about colour blocking where in people choose to use solid colours with harsh lighting.

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