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Things to know before hiring a photographer

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Client’s Checklist to keep in mind before hiring a photographer. Most of the businesses are new when they hire a photographer and a common dialogue I have heard is “I’ve never done a shoot, so I dont know how much this will cost”

Here’s how you can get a costing out of the photographer rather than first popping the question “how much do you charge”

1.Research on the photographer

See the kind of work or projects the photographer has done. Ask them if they have done more which isn’t showcased. If you feel this photographer has potential, give them a chance to experiment with the desired style.


A low budget photoshoot may not be right for you if you don’t have a good budget kept aside for marketing/photoshoot. Visuals play an important role in a business. While planning your expenses keep aside a minimum of $1000 to $2,000 for photography. This will ensure quality work for the brand

3. Additional budget for entire project

Paying the photographer, but expecting the model/stylist/props to be free? Most photographers don’t do an all-inclusive package.

Costs to keep in mind

  1. Creative Fee

  2. Food/Travel Cost of the Team

  3. Model/Props/Ingredients

  4. Stylist

  5. Editing

  6. Studio / Location

4.Be specific while approaching a photographer.

It would be helpful if you mentioned when you would need the shoot or the timeline for the photoshoot to be conducted and images to be delivered. Would it require a styling or would you hire an external stylist? How many images would you need? Where would the photoshoot be conducted and how many hours would your team can pull off? Lastly, mentioning the usage of the photos is very important. These factors help the photographer understand your requirement and offer you a better quote.

5. Be mindful of the Scope of work/Timeline

Every photographer is efficient in different ways. Some can cover more than 20 images a day, some can’t and it’s okay. Firstly asking for 100 images a day is nearly impossible and can hamper the quality. Secondly, editing can take a while. Plan the shoot well in advance to allow quality work.

6.Final Packaging

Shooting in haste can be a waste of time for you and the photographer/the team. Finish up all your packaging, stickers and branding before conducting a shoot. It can a big business loss if the photos are ready and the packaging isn’t or has changed at the very end.

7. Asking for Raw files

Asking for raw images won’t work in your favour. Your social media audience can spot repeated images even if the angles vary. The solution to this is get the photographer on a monthly contract to get fresh content as per the marketing plan designed for your brand.

Lastly, Be Kind. You are not doing a favour by hiring a photographer. They are artists and most of all HUMANS. Treat them well just as much you would with your influencers or any individual connected to your business

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